The VIDI Team

Nikola Kartelija is a programmer and a huge science fiction fan. He believes that extraterrestrials are, in fact, very close but have no intention of making contact because they're quite scared of the way people treat each other.
Vitomir Gojak is a skilled and very down-to-Earth graphic designer. He says, " I like new challenges and I love working for Jefferson Institute."
Bojan Opačić is a programmer. He likes languages and speaks PHP, SQL, JavaScript, AS3, C# and a few dialects. If he is not in front of the screen, you'll probably find him by the barbecue.
Bojana Radojičić, involved in testing, is a political science graduate who always "votes" for democracy, differences, free information, peace, harmony - and a few hours more sleep.
Zoran Hrnčić is the lead programmer and is continuously mystified by the intrinsic discrepancy in the need to dig deep through details while staying aloof. He is also a quantum computing junkie, Zen admirer, ex musician and one of a few privileged dwellers of Iggyland (the domain of his 2-year-old son, Iggy)
Vesna Radivojević is a Drupal programmer and a math fanatic. Her personal motto is "Whatever you do, do it differently!"
Nadica Krstović is a graphic designer with a passion for art and photography. Her motto is "Color the world and have fun!"
Milica Rambosek is a graphic designer. Her experience stretching from Eastern Europe to South Africa is reflected in her palette- ranging from shades of gray to the vivid colors of Africa. Her creative activity includes layouts on painter canvases or 21" monitors, and coloring with crayons at home with her two little girls.
Barbara Radonjić, involved in testing, is passionate about Betty, her little Westie terrier, and her collection of over 100 elephants adorning her book shelves.
Boris Tomić is a software developer too. His motto is "Let's code for fun and fun for code."
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