Data visualization works so well because the human brain is extremely well-equipped to process visual information. We can capture patterns and essential themes in huge data sets very, very quickly through visual means.

Unfortunately, the tools to create these visual representations are usually too expensive and difficult for smaller news organizations and everyday citizens to use, creating a gap for the future of community journalism. With the generous support of the Knight Foundation, we created VIDI, a suite of powerful intuitive Drupal data-visualization modules for anyone to use on any standard set of data ranging from government databases to demographics and statistics.

Jack Knight called for media to inform and enlighten, so the people might determine their own true interests. As we come to understand his exhortation's new, evolving meaning, we must continually challenge ourselves to break down professional barriers in order to empower the infinite diversity of equally true interests. "Raw Data Now" should be our battle cry, and open-source data visualization modules our weaponry.

Visualize the power of data!

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VIDI Unleashed

Alternative energy in Serbia
Patchwork Nation
Soul of the Community

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